cerrahi Yüz Maskesi

We Produce For You

Our company Are Medikal is a subsidiary of ASSAN Group. It operates in a 45.000 m² closed area in Sincan organized industry in Ankara. Our group company has a say in the world with its quality in the production of construction equipment and spare parts for 34 years. In addition, our large-scale and extensive production activities continue in the defense industry.

By using high-level technology in mask production, thanks to our production experience and engineering knowledge gained from these business lines; We produce in international quality standards with our hygienic, untouched, fully ultrasonic, high capacity machines.

The working area of our machines on floor is covered with anti-bacterial epoxy and the production is carried out in compliance with the hygiene rules in our staff and production area.

Our first priority is human health. You can reach the information that expresses to our quality production through the heading “our documents”.

The most distinctive feature that distinguishes our company from similar companies and institutions is that it produces melt-blown fabric at the same time. Thus, we ensure continuity in quality and standards.