cerrahi Yüz Maskesi

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cerrahi Yüz Maskesi

• Using high-level technology in the production of masks with Melt Blown fabric, which has high absorbent capacity and filtration properties; We produce with our hygienic, untouched, fully ultrasonic, high capacity machines at international quality standards.

• Surgical face masks are made of non-woven fabric with better bacteria filter and air permeability while remaining less slippery than woven fabric.

• It has the best possible filter performance for users.

• Easy to breathe with its use compatible with the face.

Non-sterile (Not resterilize) , disposable and non-irritating to the skin.

• It is odorless.

• Does not contain fiber glass, Latex and other allergic substances.

• Easy to breathe, contains bacteria filtration.

• It is hygienic.

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