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Our company supplies melt blown fabrics that can be used in medical products within the scope of Covid-19 measures.

• Our liquid-proof fabrics are of the best quality in the market, and besides being disposable, they have protective properties against any contact such as wind or water from outside.

• Resistant to tearing, abrasion and puncture.


Melt Blown Extrusion Process

• The melt-blown extrusion process is a single-step process that uses a stream of high-velocity air to blow a molten thermoplastic resin from an extruder die tip onto a conveyor or what is called a take-up screen.

• The process has been in existence since the 1950s and its importance has increased since then.

• The basic process is shown in Figure 1 and is specially designed to manage and control the process.

• Melt Blown fabric production is carried out by using Extruder machines.

• The basic components of the process are the resin feeding system, extruder assembly, metering pump, meltblown mold assembly, collector and wrapper unit.

• Vacuum Pump

• Resin Container

• Barow tank

• Resin tank

• Extruder

cerrahi Yüz Maskesi

• Air compressor

• Gear pump

• Polymer felt

• Blower

• Static mixer

• Melt blown mold

• Embossing unit

• Collector

• Winding unit

• The properties of the melt blown (non-woven) fabric produced can be influenced and controlled to some extent by changing some operating conditions and inputs of the process.

• These include factors such as:

• Material properties such as type of polymer used and molecular weight

• Extruder operating conditions such as temperature

• Geometry of the mold nosepiece such as hole size and number of orifices

• Hot air flow conditions (temperature, speed)

• Distance between mold nose and collector screen

• Speed ​​of the collector

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